New Brick Installation Toronto & Ontario

Earth Stick & Stone has years of proven expertise and resources in new brick installation. We have completed projects for brick installation in Toronto, Vaughan, Brampton, Ottawa, New market, Pickering etc.

Our Brick Installation process:

We create line which guides into setting the bricks in perfectly straight rows. Our masons line is made up of two blocks each with a slot to hold the line. We then attach the blocks to each end of bricks in the row, making sure the line is tight. Each top of either bricks in the row touches the top of the line.
In guiding the bricks we use a story pole. This strip of wood acts as the birck laying guide. We mark the height of the course of the bricks with a pencil. we also do same for the
mortar joints which are on the pole.

When we begin working the mortar we use a spade trowel. We generously apply to good amounts of mortar to all the layers of bricks. We allow the mortar to spread by score a line through the center of the pile. We butter up the brick with mortar. The mortar is spread on the sides of the bricks where each will affix to the bricks by them. We knock each brick into place thus releasing any or all air bubbles underneath the mortar using the handle of the trowel. We scrape off any excess mortar that has spreads beyond the joints with the sharp end of the trowel. The remaining debris is cleaned off with a brush. With a spade trowel held at a 30-degree angle we carve small lines between the bricks and mortar. These lines are what protects the wall from any precipitation effects. We then score lines on all sides where the brick will be cut. After scoring the lines, we strike the handle of the chisel with a hammer. The blow break the bricks cleanly in two.

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