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Contact us today and receive a free no obligation estimate on any masonry cleaning task you need done. Earth Stick & Stone our experts are here to help you clean fungus, mildew, moss, oil, soot, mineral residue and paint on the treasured brick work on your home or facility. By now you probably have seen some problem spots in on your brick home. Some may look like mold growth or oil and paint stains. Chances are these unsightly areas bother you a lot and have wondered the best way to clean them.

We have given you resource below on how to clean the smaller areas but if you realize it’s too big to handle please call us and let’s get it done professionally. Masonry cleaning on brick homes and walls are very difficult with injury to elbow and shoulder very common. We also offer 100% guaranteed services. Until your project is completed to satisfaction, our work is not done. Recommend us to friends and loved ones, commercial institutions and factories that need expert masonry cleaning and we will sure return the favor by giving you discount services and free maintenance as listed in our various seasonal promotions.

Masonry Cleaning Resource – Call Us For Help

These are some masonry-cleaning problems and solutions:

Fungus, moss, and mildew:

  • One quart of household liquid bleach mixed into 1 gallon of warm water, applied with a stiff-bristle brush, usually takes care of these unsightly problems. (Don’t forget to rinse the solution off with clean water.) However, sodium hypochlorite, the active ingredient in bleach, may not dissolve large masses of these types of growths. In such cases, scrape off as much of the crud as you can with a broad-bladed putty knife (or wire brush); then scrub on the killer mixture.

Oils, soot, and mineral residue:

  • Oils, soot, and white, powdery mineral residue pose a slightly more difficult problem. They’re embedded more deeply than moss or mildew into the pores of the masonry. You need a solution of 1 part muriatic acid to 9 parts water to get rid of this hard-to-remove crud. Add the acid to the water and apply the solution; allow it to set for about 15 minutes; then use a bristle brush to clean the affected area and rinse with fresh water.


  • Sandblasting, wash-away, or peel-off paint removers; hand or electric wire brushing; muriatic acid washing; and power-washing are just a few of the ways that you can remove paint from masonry. Sandblasting or wire brushing is hard, messy work, and paint removers sometimes create more mess than they eliminate. Instead, you can rent a commercial power washer for about $50 per day. It’s easy to operate, mess is kept to a minimum, and you don’t have to be a chemist to make it work. Be aware, however, that a power washer works fine on the outside of your home, but all that water could wreak havoc on the inside of your house. Therefore, when it comes to removing paint from brick or stone, your best bet is a chemical stripper such as Peel Away.