Building Foundation in Toronto & Ontario

Every building needs a solid foundation! Earth Stick & Stone specializes in house foundations and block foundations for residential and commercial buildings. We are experts in both building both shallow foundations and deep foundations. Shallow foundations are used for small, light buildings, while deep ones are for large, heavy buildings.

We have the equipment and manpower to handle any depth of foundation on budget and on time. Contact Earth Stick & Stone today and receive a free no obligation estimate on your building foundation. We are fast and precise with all projects. We come highly recommended in Toronto, Brampton, Vaughan, Halton Hills and across several cities in Ontario. Earth Stick & Stone building foundation and service areas span all over Ontario and major cities like Toronto, Vaughan, Newmarket, Barrie, Richmondhill, Oshawa, Oakville, Windsor, Peterborough, Ottawa and in over 50 other cities. We guarantee dependable results, which is on-time and on-budget. That’s the only results that you can expect from us. Do not hesitate to contact us as we will provide services anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area and across the province of Ontario. We also offer 100% guaranteed services. Until your project is completed to satisfaction, our work is not done. Recommend us to friends and loved ones, commercial institutions and factories that need expert masonry foundation and we will sure return the favor by giving you discount services and free maintenance as listed in our various seasonal promotions.

Expert Builders of Shallow Foundations Toronto & Ontario

Shallow foundations are also known as spread footings or open footings. Open footings foundations refer to the premise that the foundations are built by excavating all the earth till the bottom of the footing before constructing the footing. In the very early stages of work, the entire footing can be seen with the eye thus the construction terminology “Open Foundation”. The whole concept is that each footing takes the concentrated load of the column and spreads it out over a large area. With this in place the actual weight on the soil does not exceed the safe bearing capacity of the soil. Our experience in shallow footings includes:

  • Individual footings
  • Strip footings
  • Raft foundations

During the winter, shallow foundations must be guarded against freezing. That’s essentially because Water in the soil around the foundation can freeze and expand causing damaging to the foundation. Shallow foundations are built below the frost line – the level in the ground above which freezing may occur. In the situation where it’s impossible to build below frost line, protection by insulation is required. This is done by introducing little heat from the building which will then will permeate into the soil and prevent freezing.

Expert Builders of Deep Foundations Toronto & Ontario

Earth Stick & Stone are experts in deep foundations called pile foundations. This is basically a long cylinder of a strong material such as concrete that is pushed into the ground so that structures can be supported on top of it. Earth Stick & Stone uses Pile foundations in the following situations: When the surface has a weak layer of weak soil. A weak layer like that cannot support the weight of the building. We therefore allow the loads of the building to bypass weak layer to the layer of stronger soil or rock that is below the weak layer. Pile foundations are capable of taking higher loads than spread footings and used in high rise structures and commercial buildings