Building Columns in Toronto & Ontario

An integrated structural ring beam around tops of doors and windows are connected to columns. Integrated structural ring beams around top of walls are connected to columns. It is therefore essential to hire the right construction crew to build columns for any masonry project you have.

Earth Stick & Stone our team of column builders will work hand in hand with your architect to ensure the structural integrity of your building is intact. We specialize entirely in masonry services for construction and landscaping chief among them masonry columns for any masonry project. Our unique expertise in this area has made us a recommended service to residential and commercial builders, designers and architects, homeowners and landscape. Earth Stick & Stone we’ve earned a reputation for being the most reliable masonry company in the GTA when it comes to building columns aspects of masonry construction, as well as providing consultative services for successful projects. We also offer 100% guaranteed services. Until your project is completed to satisfaction, our work is not done. Recommend us to friends and loved ones, commercial institutions and factories that need expert masonry columns and we will sure return the favor by giving you discount services and free maintenance as listed in our various seasonal promotions.

Quality and great service in building columns

We have the manpower and expertise to handle any large scale to do with masonry column requirement. Earth Stick & Stone is equipped with all the tools designed specifically for building columns. All of our columns are built with the highest quality of expertise available. Our custom built columns will allow you put unique architectural details into the masonry aspects of your construction or landscaping project. Our columns are built with precision and artistry to achieve your design concept.

Quality structurally built columns in Toronto and Ontario

A regularly structured building is able to withstand the impact of hazards. The structure of columns and floors which are all joined to each other in a regular format with overhanging parts of the building are all well supported by continuous columns to the foundations. A house with no structural columns and no ring beams to hold the structure together will not last. When there are no columns at the corners, or within the walls, and thus are no ring beams at the top of doors and windows or at the top of the walls the building will not last. A building like that will have little resistance to being destroyed by any impact from nature, like an earthquake or a storm. A complete structural frame around any building is tied in to the foundation, the walls and the roof structure. Doors and windows must a beam over them to carry the weight of the wall above and to strengthen the columns. The top of the walls must also be tied together with the columns, by a second reinforced concrete ring beam with end of the walls strengthened. This is the hallmark of true expertise in building well structured columns for residential and commercial buildings in Toronto and across province of Ontario.