Brick Concrete Sealing Toronto & Ontario

Earth Stick & Stone offers concrete and brick sealing services in major cities like Toronto, Vaughan, Newmarket, Barrie, Richmondhill, Oshawa, Oakville, Windsor, Peterborough, Ottawa and in over 50 other cities. Contact Earth Stick & Stone and receive a free no obligation in-home estimate on concrete and brick sealing services in Toronto and across Ontario.

We are fast and precise with all projects. We come highly recommended in Toronto, Brampton, Vaughan, Halton Hills and across several cities in Ontario. We also offer 100% guaranteed services. Until your project is completed to satisfaction, our work is not done. Recommend us for concrete and brick sealing services. We will sure return the favor by giving you discount services and free maintenance as listed in our many seasonal promotions. We guarantee dependable results, which is on-time and on-budget. That’s the only results that you can expect from us. Do not hesitate to contact us as we will provide services anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area and across the province of Ontario.

Making Concrete Slip Resistant

If you’re applaying a sealer to your garage floor, use caution; sealed surfaces will become slippery when wet. A non-skid effect can be achieved by broadcasting silica sand or plastic chips over the surface while the sealer is still wet. Below is an article on making concrete slip resistant from the Concrete Network – Making Concrete Slip Resistant.

Expert Concrete Brick Sealing Toronto & Ontario

Re-Sealing Your Garage Floor

If your garage floor has ever had an existing sealer applied, contact Earth Stick & Stone today and we will help you successfully re-seal your garage floor. For new garage floors or garage floors that have never been sealed we apply proper staining and sealing practices. If your garage floor has ever had an existing sealer applied, then we will apply our very popular re-sealing technique to make sure it lasts longer and looks great.

Re-Sealing Stamped Concrete

Contact Earth Stick & Stone if your stamped concrete patio needs to be re-sealed. If the concrete stain is still in good condition we will applaying another coat of sealer will keep it protected and prevent color fading and an uneven appearance. Re-sealing stamped concrete patios can be accomplished in five simple steps. Efflorescence and Masonry Earth Stick & Stone offers efflorescence masonry. This is a crystalline deposit of water-soluble salts on the surface of masonry. All masonry materials are susceptible to efflorescence. Analyzing it chemically, water-soluble salts consisting of only a few tenths of one percent are sufficient to cause efflorescence on a masonry surface. The amount and character of salts of the deposits can vary widely, depending on the nature of the soluble materials and the atmospheric conditions.

Sealing Brick Patios

Earth Stick & Stone believes brick patios create a beautiful and aesthetic view of your home whether it’s for the purposes serenity, relaxation and entertainment. Brick patios can become uneven, faded out or even consume weeds as time goes on. This is where our experienced staff comes in. We will seal your brick patio, keep it in place, nice and good as new. Staining Sealing Interior Decorative Concrete Floors Earth Stick & Stone will properly stain and seal your interior decorative concrete floors for optimum results.