Expert Landscaping Lighting Toronto & Ontario

Earth Stick & Stone offers the best in interior and exterior landscape lighting services in Toronto, across Ontario and in major cities likeVaughan, Newmarket, Barrie, Richmondhill, Oshawa, Oakville, Windsor, Peterborough, Ottawa and over 50 other cities.

From concept, design, style, application to complete lighting you will attest for yourself the seamless application between design and function lighting by Earth Stick & Stone . We have decades of landscape lighting experience. Earth Stick & Stone will make sure your budget is on point and employ quality lighting products that are functional, bringing out the beauty of your entire surrounding yet saves time money and whilst completing project on time. We mostly work with some o the best LED lighting products specially ordered from selected manufacturers we work closely with.

  • INNOVATIVE LED LIGHTING: Lighting for life – LED lighting built to last and built to enhance your lifestyle
  • LED DECK LIGHTING: Make the most of your deck – light a party or just add ambiance, comfort, & style
  • LED LANDSCAPE LIGHTING: Showcase your garden, accent your landscape, and add safety to your home
  • LED KITCHEN & CABINET LIGHTING: Give your kitchen a welcoming glow, light dark corners, and eliminate shadows

LED Lighting Toronto & Ontario

Earth Stick & Stone is a certified landscape lighting service provider applaying the latest technologies and trends in LED lighting. We offer professional outdoor landscape lighting that adds beauty, feng shui and character to your home as well as its safety to a certain extent. We meticulously add path lights, accent lights and deck lights to enhance the unique landscape design and architectural layout of your property’s outdoor lighting. Regardless, the functionality and the serenity of a well-lit magnificent outdoor space design is highly emphasised. Landscape lighting describes the creation of a lighting effect. It does not necessarily refer to the display of just lighting fixtures. Landscape lighting has several conventional purposes some of which are for aesthetics, safety and security. Earth Stick & Stone has expertise in using LED lighting to illuminate gardens, trees, shrubbery and ground cover. This beautifully and flawlessly extends the beauty of nature as nighttime is at hand. That’s when everyone view your property with awe and excitement. When we are working on any landscape LED lighting, we include areas like entrances pathways, buildings, patios, and recreational areas. Now only do these inclusions produce a more beautiful landscape but security and safety as well at night. We want to ensure that you enjoy your garden when it’s dark with exceptionally designed and installed landscape LED lighting.We offer 100% guaranteed services. Until your project is completed to satisfaction, our work is not done.