Jewel Stone Toronto & Ontario

Contact Earth Stick & Stone for a free no obligation estimate on jewel stone services in Toronto and Ontario. We are fast and precise with all projects. Earth Stick & Stone specialises in jewel stone installation services for residential and commercial buildings in Toronto, Windsor, Hamilton, London, Markham and over 50 cities across Ontario and the GTA.

Jewel Stone is the most preferred in acrylic modified cement-based coatings for transforming concrete into a desired beautiful decorative stone-like finish. Jewel stones are used to restore old cracking concrete with a touch of beauty to it as well. Jewel stones are water-based acrylic modified with cement coating. They are solely designed for use over existing concrete and masonry. They are applied in both interior and exterior masonry functional an design projects. They are created from blend of select silica aggregates and mineral additives. This is what produces a stone-hard cast of thin section concrete. Jewel stones can be coloured, textured with pattern fashion to mimic a range of finishes such as stone, brick, tile, slate etc. In a typical application, when completed, Jewel stone is impermeable to water. This makes it the most preferred material to be used in areas where water is known to be an issue. Jewel stones come mainly in standard white. It can however be coloured to a desired selection of several colours. Recommend us to friends and loved ones who need expert jewel stone services and we will sure return the favor by giving you discount services and free maintenance as listed in our various seasonal promotions.

Expert Jewel Stone Toronto & Ontario

Earth Stick & Stone is a certified Jewel installer, trained in the latest technologies, application and service of jewel stones. Jewel stones were introduced and developed as one of the many cost effective ways to restore the surface integrity of most damaged concrete. However, in recent times, jewel stones have seen different applications and productions which are more durable, lower costs with a bit of design to them. Most important for long term durability, due to strong winter months, are the resistance of polymer cement overlays to attacks from the freeze and instant heat cycle in Toronto and Ontario. Tiles and real stone are great for resurfacing of porches but they can barely address the issue of their lacking functionality in a freeze thaw environment. When water or moisture gets under the tiles or real stone, via the lines in the grout, they begin to loose their structural integrity by lifting up thus breaking the bond between it and substrate.
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