Driveway Design Toronto & Ontario

Earth Stick & Stone believes driveway is a great way to welcome guests and direct people’s focus to your home, putting it on display. The design can range from simple and functional to one that incorporates sweeping curves that add interest to the overall look of your home and front yard.

A well-designed driveway will take into account the surrounding landscape as well as your home’s architectural style. Additionally, the width and layout of your driveway will impact how accessible your home is. There are a variety of layout options for residential driveways you can choose from to accommodate your needs. Our next decision is to choose the best material to use to pave your driveway, considering your budget and design goals. The material we select for your driveway also must durable enough to resist tire marks, oil drips and deicing chemicals. We consider accessories that make your driveway safer and more appealing such as gates and lighting. Earth Stick & Stone considers the pros and cons of the most popular material options in any driveway landscaping like concrete, gravel, pavers and asphalt. Recommend us to friends and loved ones who need expert driveway design and we will sure return the favor by giving you discount services and free maintenance as listed in our various seasonal promotions.

Expert Driveway Design Toronto & Ontario

Landscaping driveways is one of the most difficult things to do in on your own. Your front yard curb appeal is very important because of the visual poresence to the public. However it also has to be practical for vehicles and foot traffic. In cold climates iut must be built to resist the stresses of heavy snow, ice, and salt. During the summer it has to endure extreme desert heat or drought. Earth Stick & Stone creates the perfect fusion of design and functionality for your driveway. Earth Stick & Stone takes into consideration the following before any driveway design project begins:

  • Popular gate styles and materials for residential driveways.
  • The various options for asphalt driveways, included recycled asphalt, tar-and-chip driveways, and stamped and colored asphalt.
  • Options for lighting your driveway at night, along with suggestions for positioning light fixtures to optimize safety.
  • The average per-square-foot installation costs for the various driveway materials.
  • Additional factors that may increase the cost of a driveway, including complex designs, drainage and grading needs, and incorporating slopes or curves.
  • How the look you are going for will influence what materials you select for your driveway.
  • Ideas for accenting a driveway with decorative borders, bands and aprons made of flagstone, pavers, or brick.
  • Important considerations when selecting landscape plants for bordering a driveway, including pedestrian and vehicle access, overhang, and climate.
  • The best heat-resistant shrubs for planting alongside a driveway.
  • Design ideas for gravel driveways, including the use of multiple gravel colors to create a pattern and decorative edging to keep the gravel in place.
  • The many decorative options for concrete driveways, including stains, integral colors and pattern stamping.