Asphalt Driveway Toronto & Ontario

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A paved driveway adds more value to any property. Asphalt driveways add curb appeal to residential propeties. Asphalt driveways are affordable and much preferred over concrete and bricks when savings are considered. Asphalt is made aggregate which is a mixture of stones and sand, and liquid asphalt cement. The cement, a petroleum product, is heated until it becomes a liquid and mixed with the aggregate. These two ingredients are then poured over a gravel base, creating a thick black drive. Asphalt driveways are recommended, particularly in cold-weather climates. This is due to their inky color which absorbs sunlight during the day. This aids in meleting away snow and ice during the winter months. The best affordable solution for your driveway that is affordable, effective, and extends your pavement’s lifespan is asphalt. Many property owners put off repairing their driveways due to the hassle and costs involved. However, when major damage hasn’t occurred, extensive repairs are not needed (such as asphalt removal and replacement). In fact, the right repair will save you money and stress later down the line. The right pavement repair solution for you depends on your driveway’s condition. When minor imperfections and forms of damage have occurred, then asphalt driveway resurfacing and overlay is an effective, inexpensive service that can extend your pavement’s life, prevent damage, improve curb appeal, and make your driveway as good as new.

Asphalt Resurfacing Toronto & Ontario

For typoical asphalt driveway project, we apply professional resurfacing processes to ensure that professional resurfacing is done to industry standards.

Removing & Replacing Existing Asphalt

While resurfacing is different than removing and replacing asphalt, a good resurfacing job requires that some of the existing asphalt is removed. In particular, damaged, cracked, and deteriorated areas will be removed, so that they do not damage the new overlaying pavement. Adjustments are made to the asphalt, to ensure that the resurfacing can be apply as required by code and standards.

Cleaning the Existing Asphalt

After removing problematic areas, we perform a deep cleaning of the existing asphalt on your driveway. Only after the cleaning do we overlay asphalt glue to the driveway surface.

Paving a First Layer

Next we pave the first layer of asphalt over your driveway. With this layer, we create a uniform, level surface that will ensure adequate water drainage, proper use, and even distribution of heavy weights.

Paving a Second Layer

Finally, we pave a second layer of asphalt over your driveway, ensuring a smooth, clean surface that is soft on both wheels and foot, protects the underlaying pavement from damage, and boosts your driveway’s curb appeal and appearance. Typically, this final layer is about two inches, providing durable protection from rain, sun, oil/gas spills, wear-and-tear, and other causes of damage.