Commercial Restoration Toronto & Ontario

Earth Stick & Stone specializes in concrete and brick restoration services for commercial buildings. From Victorian homes, French chateaus to industrial and commercial buildings, Earth Stick & Stone highly experienced brick and concrete restoration team will restore your building back to new as the day it was built. We have man power to with knowledge in restoring historic buildings building.

Load Bearing Masonry Walls

These are walls constructed with bricks, stones or concrete blocks. They are able to transfer loads from the roof to the foundation. Once they start to deteriorate or getting weaker in integrity, Earth Stick and Stone has the resources to re-strength it to bring it back to new form again.

Reinforced Masonry Walls

They are either load bearing or non-load bearing walls. When cracks develop in them over time, we have the knowledge and expertise to seal them up and rejuvenate it back to new.

Hollow Masonry Walls

Also known as Cavity masonry walls, they are built to prevent moisture from entering the building’s interior. They eventually get weaker and some develop cracks. We have the technical expertise to fix these issues and maintain a solid functional wall.

Composite Masonry Walls

The construction of these walls are done with two or more units. This could be stone, bricks and/ or hollow bricks. We restore their look as the years go by where harsh weather conditions may have beaten up its look and integrity.

Post-tensioned Masonry Walls

They are constructed to strengthen masonry walls to withstand induced tension from different forces like earthquake forces etc. Once they become weakened, we ensure they are re-strengthen and brought back former integrity.
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