Tuckpointing Toronto & Ontario

A fireplace and chimney are beautiful design features which adds to your home’s value. it also adds to the appeal of your home thus providing moments by the warmth of the cozy fireplace. As time goes on mortar joints get damaged by virtue of harsh weather conditions, especially where excessive amounts of water is introduced.

Water, Moisture and dampness can damage rock solid masonry. This happens when the water gets in between weakened mortar joints. By tuckpointing, Earth Stick & Stone puts a stop to this destructive process.

Why Tuckpointing?

It is true that chimneys have a century lifespan. However, mortar a shorter lifespan. If the masonry detail is exposed to excessive water and harsh weather conditions the most the mortar joints will last is about quarter of a century. Earth Stick & Stone recommends that a cricket is installed. This is a compact diversion roof. It prevents the chimney from being flooded in rainy conditions.
When extreme weather conditions damage mortar joints, tuckpointing is the most cost-effective method to repair damaged parts.

Expert Repointing Toronto & Ontario

Earth Stick & Stone tuckpointing process is removing damaged mortar and replacing it with fresh mortar. When tuckpointing a red brick chimney we follow these steps:

  • Routing out or ground the old deteriorated mortar to give it a uniform depth.
  • Red mortar is filled up into the new routed grooves created.
  • Thin strips are cut down the middle of the red mortar which forms these grooves.
  • Grooves are filled with mortar color so it matches the old mortar mortar on the outside of the structure.

Benefits of Tuckpointing

  • Tuckpointing provides great appearance and stability of your chimney. It basically transforms it brand-new.
  • It prevents corrosion of the mortar joints.
  • Restores structural stability of the chimney.
  • Tuckpointing prevents water and moisture from damaging the structural integrity of your brick work.
  • Tuckpointing is more cost-effective as opposed to a complete rebuild.
  • The original brick masonry is fully restored.
  • Your home value is improved.

Earth Stick & Stone tuckpointing service areas span all over Ontario and major cities like Toronto, Vaughan, Newmarket, Barrie, Richmondhill, Oshawa, Oakville, Windsor, Peterborough, Ottawa and in over 50 other cities. Earth Stick & Stone provides excellent tuckpointing services. Do not hesitate to contact us as we will provide services anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area and across the province of Ontario.